To provide respite and transitional services to persons in                                                       challenged communities 
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                       Essie Lee Foundation is a comprehensive community-based organization registered as a Colorado and Georgia LLC corporation.  

                  Our primary function is to cultivate social development and life skills in an enriching and therapeutic environment by providing respite in our neighborhood and other communities. 

The ELF model specializes in out-of-home respite. We feel the provision is  an opportunity for persons with disabilities, chronic or terminal illnesses to be in communities outside of their homes. Special considerations regarding out-of-home models are:  Transportation may be required and special equipment may need to be moved.  Services may be paid on sliding fee schedule or a combination of voucher funding sources.  The person receiving care may not adapt well to the unfamiliar environments but ELF experienced coaches have  the temperament and life skills developed while working with dementia related and autism spectrum clients and family members  that positively combat the anxiety.  



As an added benefit in  the summer, we offer  "A Peaceful Place" adventure camp near Lathrop State Park that we have operated since 2016. Respite Camp is a great way to stay active and engaged in summer months. There are also Denver camps and in other cities in Colorado that offer individualized support in group settings and are designed to promote social development as well as emotional well-being in a physically stimulating environments.
Goals and Objectives

ELF’s goal is to enlist caregivers and families to care for themselves.  Our models include outside the home community activities as well as in home provision at clients request.  We believe activities and socializations are paramount to living a full life in spite of health care diagnosis. The long-term goal for us is to help one hundred percent of our clients find time for themselves whether they are the recipient of care or caring for a family member.